Blended #MovieReview #Divorce


“Blended” is not a good movie. Starring Drew Barrymore (as Lauren) and Adam Sandler (as Jim), the two silver screen lovers rekindle their on-screen romance for a third time, after earlier successes with “Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates.”

I am sucker for Adam Sandler movies. It’s like the magazines that women can’t resist on the checkout counter at the grocery store, Sandler is my kryptonite. Cheesy, predictable, romantic, funny – it sucks me in. This movie had even more gravity in my current circumstance, it is probably not a movie I would have ever picked up before 2018. Now going on eight months post-divorce, the realities of life and the day-to-day seem to be catching up with me. Single again with three kids in tow half of the time, you have to find things to do with the rest of the time.

Goofy jokes and unlikely coincidences aside, there were some redeeming parts of the movie that I connected with. As a single parent, the idea that now my kids got 100% of my time resonated with me. Having them half of the time, I want to spend every possible moment with them making memories, being there for them, being a good dad. In the movie, Lauren and Jim correct the statement that the kids need 99% of your time, and as a parent we are allowed to have 1% for ourselves.

Individuation as a single parent has been a journey for me. Learning to find things I love like watching sports, going to movies, reading, and then finding others with similar interests in a similar stage of life who want to do life together is something that I am growing in. I am not talking about finding one person to do those things with, but finding a tribe, a group of people looking for support where they are at.

“Blended” as a movie was not very good, but the sappiness, the relationships, the escapism, and ultimately, the message made up for its flaws. It wasn’t so horrible 😉


    • I like the message and theme, but it is a movie that takes itself serious. There is some ridiculous humor and typical “Adam Sandler” absurdities, but overall it is “good,” keeps my attention and had a happy ending.


  1. Sorry about your current circumstance . The running tribe is great and welcoming one. Especially and mainly the trail tribe . Hikers are pretty nice, but many seem more solitary. Best wishes in 2020!

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