My Man’s Feet (Excerpt) by Joy Harjo #Poetry #AmReading #Inspiration


My man’s feet are the sure steps of a father
Looking after his sons, his daughters
For when he laughs he opens all the doors of our hearts
Even as he forgets to shut them when he leaves

And when he grieves for those he loves
He carves out valleys enough to hold everyone’s tears
With his feet, these feet
My man’s widely humble, ever steady, beautiful brown feet.

Excerpt of “My Man’s Feet” by Joy Harjo

This is the ending to one of my favorite poems by Joy Harjo entitled, “My Man’s Feet,” in her newest collection of poetry, “An American Sunrise.”

I believe the lines are pretty straightforward, but there is a poignancy in them. Her adoration of her “Man,” and the qualities she appreciates about him. His father heart, his tenderness, his grief for the loss of friends and loved ones. I really love how this poem ends.


Check out the rest of this poem and many others in Joy Harjo’s new book, “An American Sunrise,” available from Amazon.

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  1. Aww. 💞 That’s so lovely, Jason. I like that one, too. The sentiment is beautiful. No ‘ownership’ implied: just a beautiful, deep, steady love. x

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