Stand in Your Love (Bye Bye Fear) Performed by Cory Asbury and Brandon Lake #Inspiration #Bethel

This is almost a 20 minute long worship set featuring two talented singer-songwriters, Cory Asbury and Brandon Lake, and the rest of the Bethel music team at a church service at their campus in Redding, California.

It starts with the song, Stand In Your Love, features a spontaneous worship moment waving “Bye Bye” to fear, includes Surrounded, a kind of chant declaring the state of the Kingdom of God’s armies around us in our lives, and closes with these verses:

I fight with lifted hands
‘Cause my God is my defense
I fight with lifted hands
‘Cause He holds it all

What a song/medley! Stick with the full video, you won’t regret it!

– Jason


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