Losses Tend to Be Multilayered #Grief #MaybeYouShouldTalkToSomeone #Inspiration


“Then there’s the fact that losses tend to be multilayered. There’s the actual loss (in my case, breaking up with my boyfriend), and the underlying loss (what it represents). That’s why for many people the pain of a divorce is only partially about the loss of the other person; often it’s just as much about what the change represents—failure, rejection, betrayal, the unknown, and a different life story than the one they’d expected. If the divorce happens at midlife, the loss might involve coping with the limitations of knowing someone and being known again with the same degree of intimacy.” -Lori Gottlieb, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

I am loving this book. It is one therapist (Lori Gottlieb) and her story of her life as a therapist and going through her own struggles with relationships and breakups, as she goes to see a therapist over a mid-life split with a long-term partner that she planned on marrying.

It is a very deep and insightful story about the process of therapy and what a therapist looks for to help a patient. I am getting a lot out of the “process” and how therapy works, helping patients to see things that are otherwise invisible to them without a therapist’s assistance.

Being in therapy for the past year plus, I can see how my therapy has worked out for me and how my therapist has given me a new perspective on the rest of my life.

– Jason



  1. I’ve been in grief therapy for a while now and it is immensely helpful. I go once a week and I count it as a huge part of my healing. Good for you for your commitment to the process, Jason. Thanks for sharing with us. You rock, dude!

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