Collaborative Art with Kids #Journey #Parenting #Fatherhood #Art

Want to make some memories with your kids?

Do you also want to create memorable pieces of art with your kids?

Do you like absurdist and abstract art?

Do you need some bookmarks that would intrigue and interest you every time you see them?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any or all of these questions, I have a fun activity you can try with your child (or even your significant other) as a bonding experience that promotes creativity, abstract thought, and engages the right-side part of brain where your emotions and feelings reside.

I created these beautiful works of art with my kids with scrap paper and markers. The method used was to start with folding up the first third of the page for the head, then you fold the part you just colored so that the next person can’t see what you drew. The next person draws the torso/midsection, folds up their drawing and passes it to the last person, who draws the feet.

You can have three drawings going at a time and the person who drew the head gets their original picture back with the torso and feet added.

These pictures can be hung up to decorate your room or your child’s room, or be re-folded to make fun bookmarks for your next #AmReading book to be re-discovered the next time you pick up that book again.

Another project to try is a “scribble” drawing. You or your child scribbles something on the paper and passes it to the next person who adds new scribbles and colors to turn the picture into something new. It could be an abstract drawing or an absurdist drawing like putting five ears on a “ball-like” creature.

Everything goes… and that’s the point!

You will be creating memories, laughing at your creations and expanding your imaginations! 😁

– Jason


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