Winter Hiking #Journey

Photo by Noel Bauza on Pixabay

Halloween typically marks the beginning of winter here in Colorado. While it was a balmy 30-something degrees during trick-or-treating this year, we were hit earlier in the week with back-to-back winter storms depositing around 4-8 inches of snow in the Denver Metro area, and sprinkling all of the mountains west of town with a lot more snow.

Snow on the roads is all cleared off, most residents have cleared their sidewalks and driveways, but it is unlikely that much of the trails on the nearby mountains are clear.

I am looking at the forecast for today (Saturday) and around lunchtime temperatures will be hitting the 50s when we will likely see a big “meltdown” of snow. I have some good-quality waterproof hiking boots, ski pants, and other attire to brave the elements this weekend at altitude. Hiking is something I love to do and at times during the summer and fall, the heavy crowds inhibit some of the solitude the outdoors offer. Hopefully this weekend, most people are dissuaded by all the snow that remains on the mountains and find something else to do around town besides hiking.

If things don’t materialize today, Sunday should be even warmer. If things go well, I might be up for another winter hike on Sunday too.

My goal is to do a 5+ mile hike (or an aggregate of at least 5 miles hiking) every month of the year. Since about April of this year I have already hiked over 100 miles, probably closer to 130 miles or so in all.

The old hiking adage in Colorado is, “It’s never too cold to hike, you just need to have the right amount of layers.”


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