On Writing #Journey #Poetry


My poetry output has slowed in recent weeks (even months) compared to other times where I wrote in bunches, up to five or six poems in one sitting, where words were flowing, ideas coming to mind, one after the other. But those periods and seasons come and go. I feel like the past few months that I am transitioning to a different stage in my work.

I will continue to write poetry, to write blog posts here on my site, but also I am beginning work on assembling some new collections. I have at least three different themes of poetry I have written over the past year: nature and the outdoors, divorce and grief and loss, and personal discovery.

I believe that in each of these themes of poetry, I already have enough content to assemble collections with over a hundred poems each. One reason I want to assemble collections, is that besides “tags” on my blog, it is very hard to find organized collections online revolving around a theme of poetry. I want to create curated collections of my poetry that someone who has never visited this blog can explore and get a feeling for what I am about, what I feel, and connect with my work in a way that the poetry was meant to be explored.

I am so grateful for each and every one of the devoted followers on my blog who frequently visit, comment, share their own works with me. I am inspired by how many people appreciate what I write and regularly encourage me here. Thank you all so much for your support.

Lastly, when I get closer to publishing each of these collections, I will need your help. I will people who want to read advanced release copies (arc) of each book. I will need your advice and assistance in marketing the book to be able to reach the largest audience possible. And finally, if you feel like the dissemination of my poetry, the encouragements, the content that I introduce to all of you here on a regular basis is worth the price of buying a copy of my collections, I would ask that you order a copy of my eBook (or physical book) when it is available to purchase.

What I have published here previously are truly all “rough drafts.” I now have the task of editing and re-writing my poems for these collections to create more polished works. Most of the poetry in the collections will be very similar to the originals, but these new revisions will hopefully be even better and only available to read in my eBook.

The purpose of my blog here is not to get rich or become famous. I created this blog to share my poetry to a wider audience and connect with writers and readers with similar interests. I have accomplished that goal. I am excited to see this continue to grow. Thank you again, all of you, for your continued support.

– Jason


  1. Ideas come and go, even in bunches. I’ve been writing poetry for over 20 years, and I’ve had this big wave of poetic ideas (along with the ones on the museums throughout the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas (since 2010)) from 2018 on, something I didn’t have for a long time.

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  2. Good luck with assembling the poetry collections, Jason. 🙂It’s so great you’re following life’s breadcrumbs and seeing where they take you. 🌈

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