Just Feel by Mallika Chopra #BookReview #JustFeel #NetGalley


Mallika Chopra’s new book, “Just Feel” is an amazing book for young kids with an understanding about their feelings to be able to KNOW, CHOOSE, and ACT.

Ms. Chopra’s book teaches children to know how they feel, to know what they like, to know how to deal with their feelings, especially when they have mood swings. It teaches kids to know what they can control in themselves. There are exercises to teach kids to take a deeper look into the world around them. It helps kids to examine safety and whether they feel safe both physically and emotionally. It teaches kids to learn about their body and listening to it and how they can take care of their bodies.

In the second section of the book, Ms. Chopra focuses on “choose.” It starts with taking responsibility for what is their responsibility. Taking responsibility for their feelings and their words. It describes feeling empathy for others. It talks about saying sorry to others when you have made a mistake or hurt someone as well as forgiving those who hurt them. It discusses choosing friends and the people that the child wants to be with and be around.

The final section of this book covers actions. There is a section on yoga and breathing. There is also a section on what the child needs to take responsibility for today. The final section really builds on all of the topics covered in the first two sections and asks the child to start putting what they’ve learned into practice. This section teaches children to create a schedule, to write out their feelings in a journal and to draw, paint or sketch those feelings.

This is an exceptional book written for children that is different than anything else I’ve ever seen. There is so much here with so much potential for kids to live fuller, more self-aware lives that will propel them to future success. I fully recommend it to all parents with kids between the ages of 6 and 14. This is an amazing resource!

I received this as an eBook from Perseus Books / Running Press Kids via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the title. I did not receive any compensation from either company. The opinions expressed herein are completely my own.


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