Under An Arctic Sky #MovieReview #Short #Inspiration

“Through all of our setbacks, it was easy to lose sight of what brought us here in the first place. It was never incredible waves or even perfect photographs, but a journey shared with those closest to you.” -Under An Arctic Sky

I wish I had learned how to surf when I was younger. I grew up in Florida, but none of my friends or family surfed.

I do love to body surf (in the right conditions). I think I will add it to my “bucket list” to do some day when life settles down and allows for more leisure time.

I just watched “Under An Arctic Sky” on Netflix, a documentary short about cold water surfing in a remote part of Iceland. A group of surfer friends fly out to Iceland in search of waves on the northwest shore of Iceland. Their plans are initially thwarted by the biggest winter storm in over 20 years. Blizzard conditions with 100+ mph wind, dumping feet of snow, and stranding motorists threaten to ruin their trip.

But on the last day after the storm passes, they decide to try again. They go back in the middle of the night to surf under the other worldly Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) descending and the visuals are breathtaking.

What a beautiful short film, directed by Chris Burkard and produced by Elliott Perrigo.

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