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The Wilderness Idiot

I fell in love with Ted Alvarez’s new book, “The Wilderness Idiot” in the prologue. His wilderness mantra is, “Just say yes.” No matter the conditions or the terror of the wilderness, it is worth the pain and the struggle for the stories you will be able to tell and the camaraderie you will build on a backpacking trip only accessible by sea plane.

“The Wilderness Idiot,” are stories of Alvarez’s adventures in some of the most obscure and dangerous places around the globe in his expeditions as a writer for Backpacker magazine. He takes readers on his treks through volcanic mountains in Iceland. He also journeys through the Northern mountains in Japan. He travels through inlets from the Pacific ocean on a kayak through the edges of the Great Bear Rainforest on Vancouver Island in British Columbia searching for white “spirit” Kermode bears. He also does some hiking around where I am from in Colorado, which is a fun retelling of places that I too have journeyed.

His wilderness approach is that there isn’t any challenge that is too hard or scary not to try at least once. On a survival trip with a buddy he even gets used to rodent meat he traps and scorches to ensure all disease is properly expunged.

I loved this book. It inspires me to get “off-trail,” do some backpacking and face/overcome my fears in the wild. I think part of my journey of conquering fourteeners is similar to his approach to “say yes” to challenge. I want to live a life of embracing difficulty and pushing myself to my limits to grow and see what is possible.

I received this as an eBook from Rowman & Littlefield – Falcon Guides via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the title. I did not receive any compensation from either company. The opinions expressed herein are completely my own.

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