Happy First Day of Fall from Colorado #Aspen #FallColors #LeafPeeping

Image by theblckwlf from Pixabay

I almost forgot friends… Happy First Day of Fall from Colorado!

This is the best time of year in the Rocky Mountains. It is even more beautiful here (if that’s even possible) during the Fall.

I hope you had a fun first day of Autumn and you can spend some downtime during the season in nature.

Get outside! Go for a drive (or walk or bike or hike)! Enjoy the brisk, cool air, and see some of the lovely fall colors.

I totally intend on hiking for as long as I can this year, despite the weather conditions. First snow around here doesn’t come until sometime in October… usually.

For all of you in the Southern hemisphere, enjoy the beautiful spring flowers that should be starting to bloom for me 😉

– Jason



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