There is Something in the Mountain Air that Feeds the Spirit and Inspires #Walking #HenryDavidThoreau #Inspiration

Summit Lake at Sunrise_2019-09-08
Summit Lake at Sunrise / Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2019

“For I believe that climate does thus react on man — as there is something in the mountain air that feeds the spirit and inspires.” Henry David Thoreau, Walking

I am voraciously reading through Henry David Thoreau’s classic, “Walking” for the first time.

It is an essay first published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1862 that began as a lecture in 1851 regarding the merits of spending time in nature. I feel like it puts words to my current lifestyle of writing and hiking and looking for new opportunities to relish in my natural surroundings in search of healing and wholeness in my life.

It seems like each time I pick this book up there are new inspiring quotes I want to share.

The above is my first (and one of the most quoted) excerpts from this treasure. Look for more to come in the days and weeks to follow.

– Jason


  1. Ha! Well-timed, universe. I was just thinking about how I might write a blog post about needing to get out into nature again, and now you’ve posted this! ha ha ha. I would say I’ll add to book to my ‘to read’ list, but that list is already ridiculously long. 😛 I hope it’s a good book!

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