Contemplative Prayer at Beeman Point #Journey #Hiking #Prayer

Valley at Highlands Point_2019-08-29
Valley at Highlands Point / Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2019

Here were some of my experiences with contemplative prayer at Beeman Point on the Highlands Point Trails in Highlands Ranch, CO:

The sun was setting and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. I looked up and all I could see was blue sky everywhere. As I leaned back, the sky got bigger and bigger until I was lying flat on my back looking up into the sky. Wow! It was so amazing. Holy, holy, holy! Some of the impressions I had were just of God’s great breadth and width and depth. How amazing and how expansive He is! As massive as the sky was, it spoke to how huge the earth is compared to me. That I am just one small person on a huge planet AND God knows me and He sees me. He sees me in my situation. Just laying there on my back soaking everything in as the sun continued to set, there was a slight breeze blowing and it felt like it was God’s tender touch. It felt like His whisper. As the breeze continued I was reminded of the garden of Eden when God walked with Adam and Eve in the evening, in the cool of the day. I felt God’s presence walking on the earth through the breeze. It was such a refreshing feeling and experience.

I feel like I am both recharged and have a fervor for God after this experience. It is definitely something that I will try to incorporate more into my solo hikes in the future, particularly, if I can sneak off-trail a bit and get some space and privacy from other hikers.

– Jason



  1. I love it when God makes His presence known to us. It’s funny how much clearer His voice seems to be when we are outdoors experiencing His handiwork…especially where you are. (I grew up in Colorado and still miss it) Thanks for sharing.

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