Victims and Victimizers #Simplicity #RichardRohr #Inspiration


“There must be a victim and a victimizer. But why? What does it help? Maybe that is why Jesus became the cosmic victim and refused to condemn the victimizers: “They know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)” -Fr. Richard Rohr, Simplicity: The Freedom of Letting Go

I love this quote… Jesus became the cosmic victim BUT He refused to condemn the victimizers. He wasn’t pointing fingers at the religious leaders of His day. On the cross, He wasn’t swearing at them and blaming them for Him being on the cross.


He forgave. He loved. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” was Jesus’ response to those who were persecuting Him.

There is only personal responsibility for our actions. We don’t need to blame and shame those people who wronged us. We need to heal, forgive, move on, love our enemies. That is the only way we won’t become bitter. Bitterness is really poison to our own souls. If we cannot forgive, then we will slowly being eaten alive by the injustice done unto us.

I loved Richard Rohr’s book, “Simplicity: The Freedom of Letting Go.” It was full of counter-cultural ideas challenging the Western mindset of power, control, wealth, possessions. As a Franciscan monk, Rohr took a vow of poverty to serve those in need. His book is both a treatise on his new mindset and a call to action for all Christians to oppose the institutional “sin” of capitalism that oppresses the weak and poor.

He challenges the status quo of Western society that equates Christianity with a capitalistic viewpoint of the world. As Rohr takes a deeper look into God’s Word and the life of Jesus Christ, we see a very different view of what Jesus calls his followers to, which we have strayed so far away from in modernity. Rohr’s book is a call for revival of the Church to challenge the ideals of society so that we can see real, lasting change in our world.


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