European Goldfinch #Carduelis #Finch #Bird #Song

Photo by Gregory Delaunay on Pixabay

European Goldfinch

The genus Carduelis is a group of birds in the finch family Fringillidae.

Carduelis is the Latin word for the European goldfinch.

Fairly common to common in open woodland, parks, gardens, and farmland and open country with hedges and weedy patches; often feeds on seeding thistles. Forms flocks in autumn and winter, when sometimes visits seed feeders. Can be inconspicuous, but often detected by pleasant bubbling and twittering calls and song. Adult has distinctive head pattern, with red face, conical pinkish bill; also note bold black-and-yellow wing pattern. Juvenile (seen in late summer and autumn) has plain head but told easily by bold wing pattern. Information provided by

Listen to the European Goldfinch’s song on eBird here:

Do you live somewhere where you see a lot of European goldfinches? My parents have a bird feeder with thistle in it and they frequently see lots of American goldfinches.

Photo by skeeze on Pixabay

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