Life is Prolonged When You Walk #Walking #ErlingKagge

“Life is prolonged when you walk. Walking expands time rather than collapses it.” -Erling Kagge, Walking: One Step at a Time

I am reading a new book, “Walking: One Step at a Time,” by Erling Kagge. His quote above speaks to the power of nature and the outdoors. It speaks to taking in our surroundings and enjoying the beauty of our world.

Kagge suggests that there are greater benefits in the inconvenience and longer time to get from place to place by walking to our destination. Memories are created and new connections between our mind and the world around us are made.

While walking to work or to the grocery store may not be a viable option for those living out of the confines of the urban landscape, it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor to plan out. Walking at a nearby park. Walking downtown in the city. Walking around your neighborhood. Each of these places will give you a new perspective of the place you live, who live around and what is important to you.

Walking has numerous health benefits too. It will help your heart health. It improves mood. It helps creativity flow and new ideas come to mind. What Kagge espouses is to walk slowly, deliberately, purposefully, with the intention of being present to everything around you.

There’s a reason that “motion” movement, and “emotion” to be moved sound so similar. There is a part of our feelings that are affected when we move around, when we walk, when we get up and get out.

– Jason



  1. Walking is an essential part of my lifestyle. My body appreciates a brisk journey for an hour or more. The time energizes my energy, clears the mind, and brings relaxation and peace. Experiencing time outside is added motivation, and sometimes an idea for a poem awaits.


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