The Myths of Modernity are Dying #RichardRohr #Simplicity #Inspiration


“More analysis does not necessarily mean more wisdom, and having more options is not necessarily freedom. The accumulation of things is not likely to bring more happiness, and time saved is rarely used for contemplation.” -Fr. Richard Rohr, Simplicity

Franciscan friar, Richard Rohr, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico wrote a book called, 
Simplicity: The Freedom of Letting Go
that describes spirituality as process of relationship with God that is more about quieting your thoughts and fears and anxiety in order to hear clearly God’s word for your life.

While I don’t agree with every concept he espouses in his book, I do agree with his common sense assertion above. That our society, to a point, has idolized more analysis, data, science. If we can only learn more or take the data one step further, then we will have real wisdom.

And especially his belief about possessions and the accumulation of things. That if we have more stuff, then we will have more options and more freedom. Unfortunately, those possessions require time to keep up, they require more space, they require other accessories to go with them, and then it becomes a type of “prison” that you are strapped with to maintain and use. In some cases, the convenience a possession might offer, may necessitate more work or longer hours to afford.

“Our philosophy of progress has led us to trust in our own limitlessness and in our future more than in the quality and the mystery of the now.” -Fr. Richard Rohr, Simplicity

Humanism becomes another form of idolatry in our society. It becomes a worship of self and the worship of man’s achievements. We believe that all our endeavors are “right” and we can overcome any and every challenge with new inventions and our progress. This is a slippery slope that leads to new challenges with higher risks. Not only are we always looking ahead to the future, but we are missing out on the moments we have today.

– Jason


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