LEGO Builds Self-Confidence #Inspiration #Kids

LEGO is probably my favorite toy.

It is my favorite toy to play with my kids and to play by myself.

This set (60191), Arctic Exploration Team, my four-year-old put together mostly all by herself. The set wasn’t a “junior” set and I tried my best to be “hands off” letting her do it on her own. This made her self-confidence soar.

This is what I love about legos. There is something creative you are building. There are lots of details that are fun to find in each set. The pieces fit together perfectly each time. Then once things are built, kids can play with the set, creating their own story about a winter expedition or rescue.

– Jason


  1. Legos are definitely awesome! I hadn’t really thought about them building confidence, but then as I read this, I thought back to a couple years ago when someone got me a Lego set that was The Walking Dead themed…I don’t even remember how many pieces it had, but it took me hours to put together, and I felt like a gold medalist when I finished, lol!!

    I’ve heard people call Minecraft “virtual legos”, and I would have to agree. My kids have spent hours having building contests and creating entire communities in the Minecraft world. At first glance it looks rather simple. But I’ve tried to build with them, and it takes a lot of skill to build the way they do. They make it look so easy, and they’re always pumped about what they create.

    I think anything which allows us to use our creativity can give us a great sense of accomplishment. I know I feel more confident when I am writing than I do with anything else. There is something to be said about creativity!

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