Trip A Little Light Fantastic #Hope #Journey #MaryPoppinsReturns

Here are the closing lines to the song from Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns, “Trip A Little Light Fantastic”:

Now if you’re life is getting foggy
That’s no reason to complain
There’s so much in store,
Inside the door
At 17 Cherry Tree Lane

So when troubles are incessant
Simply be more incandescent
For your light comes with my lifetime guarantee
As you trip a little light fantastic
Won’t you trip a little light fantastic
Come on, trip a little light fantastic with me
Trip a little light fantastic

Watching Mary Poppins Returns again, more removed from my divorce, with my kids, my perspective improved. Much of the movie revolves around moving on after a loss. Michael’s wife has died, his children lost their mother, and the whole family is lost in the fog. I could definitely relate to that for much of the past year, but more, and the next step, the rest of my life, is coming into focus and the fog is lifting as time goes by.

Life is indeed much different and changed. But it’s not all bad. It isn’t all some horrible nightmare. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There are some good things that have resulted from this dark part of my life.

This is what this song tries to capture. The children are stuck in a fog, lost on the streets and needing a light to guide them through. Mary Poppins and the leeries are their lights.

Each of us need lights and leeries when times are rough and things look grim.

Run to the light in the darkness.

Get some help from friends and family. Don’t run away from people, but humble yourself, be honest, and let people help you. No one can do it on their own. The self-made man is an American myth. Read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

Don’t be afraid to ask. The people who really care and love you will be there.

– Jason

Photo Credit Walt Disney Pictures


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