The Power to Forgive #Poetry

Photo by GoranH on Pixabay

You blame the ones who left
Your ex
The dead
Like they owe you
There is none of that now
Nothing to give
It is your power
To forgive
There’s so much more life
To live

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley


  1. Forgiveness may be one of the most difficult things we learn to do. I used to think forgiveness had to do with making the person who wronged me feel better; that it was for them in some way. However, I learned forgiveness is really for me. It’s not forgetting that someone hurt me, because if I forget, then I might allow someone to mistreat me again one day. But it is a releasing of the negative emotions, the pain, that festers in my heart after being wounded. By letting that go, I am able to heal and move forward in peace. It was a hard lesson to learn, and an even harder lesson to maintain regularly, but a lesson worth learning.

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  2. Forgiveness, a constant work, maybe: I get confused by the fact that I’ve forgiven ‘by my will’ repeatedly–yet the hurt lingers.

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  3. Loved the wisdom and truth in your poem Jason!!! So often easier said that done?? It was for me! I had a friend give me a gift of an engraved brass paper weight that I loved while I was going through my divorce – “Forgive, Forget, Move on”!! it really helped me!!

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  4. Nice piece. I agree. I understand why someone doesn’t feel like forgiving. I feel that your energy is directed at the person you don’t forgive, so you remain tethered to him/her. Interestingly, I have found that there are certain situations that society in general judges others for forgiving. I think that both paths are hard, forgiving or not forgiving, but in the end, everyone has the right to do whatever feels right to them.

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