Poems for Warriors Blog Update #Journey


Hi Blog Friends!

I just wanted to give you a quick update about me and my “Poems for Warriors” blog. So you may have noticed that since my break in early July that I haven’t been posting as often. That has been intentional. Something I found when I took time off was that it gave me more time and peace to blog less.

Blogging less has amounted to about two posts a day. I know… that is a lot for some people, who might be lucky to post once a week.

I was posting three or four times (sometimes more) every day in the past and it was s little overwhelming. I feel like I now have a large base of blog friends, who stop by regularly and I am excited to continue to share my work with you.

Also, I have been reading for NetGalley, a site connecting publishers and authors with readers. Many of the books I review are free-issued to me from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I try to schedule these in advance to coincide with the release date of these books. I love this format and my blog platform to share the books of authors to get those in the hands of the people who might read them. I hope you enjoy these reviews too! Some of my reviews that I feel are not pertinent to my blog or not worth sharing directly with all of you, I will usually still post on Goodreads. You can find all that I am currently reading, and all of my reviews on my Goodreads Profile.

The main change in my posting habits is so that I can sustain this blog and continue to post regularly and not get burned out. I want to continue to stay connected to you, read your work, and share updates about me so that we can encourage each other. I can’t do that if I feel like my blog is more like a prison instead of a public “journal” to share my thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for understanding and if you have any questions or comments, please share them below.

– Jason



  1. Thanks Jason for the update. You need to find a posting schedule that works best for you and the changes in your life. I don’t know how some people post frequently since I am satisfied to post much less.

    Your are right about wanting to maintain the quality of what you post, and this change will help you fulfill this goal. I look forward to keeping up with your posts. Best wishes on your other pursuits.

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