Flaneuring in Paris #Journey

Photo by 139904 on Pixabay

I learned a new word from a book I just started reading. The new word is more like a concept or a lifestyle.

The word is “flaneur,” which evolved from the French word from the nineteenth century, flâneur, which described a French “dandy” who would idly stroll through the streets of Paris, carefully observing his everyday surroundings and soaking in the beauty of it all. These strolls were always done in a romantic mind-set.

Colloquially, this concept morphed into what is now called, “flaneuring.” Flaneuring can be defined as “wandering with intention,” or “being intentionally aimless.” It is taking a walk for the sake of taking a walk. It doesn’t have an ulterior motive like picking up food at the corner market or to get exercise. The object is to enjoy the journey for what it is.

The book I am reading, “The Art of Flaneuring,” by Erika Owen doesn’t come out until October so I am getting a sneak peek of it from NetGalley and Tiller Press so standby. I will be posting my review of the book in October and then you can decide whether you will pick it up too.

If you enjoyed learning about the concept of hygge, you’re going to love flaneuring. 🙂

– Jason



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