In Every Walk With Nature #JohnMuir #Inspiration #Quote

Photo by SplitShire on Pixabay

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

This quote is so true. Especially when you stop and look around at everything there is. If you can forget about your number of steps, your pace, your million other responsibilities pulling for your attention, and instead focus on the natural beauty around you in the woods, on the beach, at the park.

If you could stop worrying about your own concerns and instead look at all of the life surrounding you. If you could sit, be still and feel the wind in your hair, let all those other cares float away with it. If you could sit out and let the sun warm your face and body, it will wash away some of the cold and the pain.

There is so much to gain by just sitting, being, and soaking in the beautiful world around you.

– Jason


  1. Oh, Jason. This is just so absolutely true. xx I can’t believe I lived so much of my life without really ‘seeing’ nature. Sometimes I even feel it now, too, and it’s the most beautiful feeling in the whole wide world. Ps: I miss the sun! ha ha ha. πŸ˜›

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