Poems for Warriors One Year Anniversary!


Happy First Anniversary of Poems for Warriors!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I published my first chapbook of poetry last July, which prompted me to start this blog!

Thank you everyone who have stuck it out this past year. From the followers that have been here most of the year to those of you just now stumbling upon my blog, thank you!!!

As I briefly skimmed through the year, I remembered so many fun poems, playful poems, dark poems, sad poems, thoughtful poems… and lots of poems in between.

I also reviewed some of my favorite movies, specifically those that garnered attention with the Oscar voters. I enjoy watching movies, because like many other creative endeavors there is something to say, and that creative voice many times will draw something out in me and my work.

I started all kind of new art projects that I shared here as well. From “comfortable” abstract art without any expectations, to portraying van Gogh’s masterpiece “Bedroom in Arles” in a new way with Oil Pastels, to creating my own style from animals to flowers to a campfire with all kinds of mediums like acrylic paint, sketching with graphite, oil pastels, and even gouache paint. These artworks have been a nice “detour” from writing to help me recharge and invigorate my creative side to carry on.

A fairly new development has been the book reviews from upcoming releases as a book reviewer for NetGalley. FYI, any of you independent publishing authors, if you’d like me to read your novel or chapbook or short stories and post a review on my site or goodreads, leave a comment below.

I have even been sharing my adventures out in the wild, hikes I have been on, what my experiences have been, where I am going, what the results are, and hopefully helping others get inspired to hike somewhere near their own neighborhood.

The most challenging part of this year has been my divorce and some of my blog posts about my experience, about the pain and sadness, but also about acceptance and moving on. This is the area that I want to be most thankful to you my friends and followers. Your positive feedback, encouragement, and the stories you’ve shared about your own trials have really propelled me to go after healing, and get what I need to move forward in a healthy way.

Thank you! I look forward to this new year where I will continue to share all my heart with you along this journey of life!


– Jason


  1. Congratulations! That first year mark feels awesome, right? Mine was last Monday for my novel, which by the way, I’d love you to read and review sometime if you get the chance. It’s on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed Poems for Warriors. I finished reading it on Kobo and left a review a few months ago. I’m really glad I got a chance to read it. You definitely have a way with words. Enjoy your anniversary! It’s a wonderful milestone!

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