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Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2019

Do you have kids under 10? Do they like to read? Do you use your local library?

My local library is one of my favorite places to visit. Nowadays it is one of my kids’ favorite places too. There are so many new, interesting, educational, and exciting books for kids.

Take my spattering of new (to me) books I got from the library today. There is a book on reading and writing poetry for kids, a book of history from World War II, a book on how to become a scientist, a circle book, a book about a pioneering woman in the computer science field, a book about the Apollo 8 mission, a book of creating things using cardboard boxes, and a book of expressing your emotions.

Amazing! Do you know what it cost me to borrow these wonderful books?


And I can read them and re-read for up to three weeks.

Are you using your local library?

Why not?

The library isn’t just for kids either. It’s not even just for traditional paper books. There are audiobooks and movies, some libraries even have sewing machines, audio and video recording equipment, and microscopes. There are some eBooks, movies, audiobooks, graphic novels, comics you can download to your phone with only your library card without actually going to the library.

There are multitudes of book lists too to look up some new and highly rated and recommended books and the ease of online searches instead of the catalog card file you can find a book in an instant.

Does your library own it? Place a hold and pick it up in a couple of days at your own convenience.

Here are the books I look forward to reading with my kids:

1. “What is Poetry?” by Michael Rosen

2. “Circle,” by Mac Barnett

3. “How to Be a Scientist,” by Steve Mould

4. “Dreaming in Code,” Emily Arnold McCully

5. “My Mixed Emotions,” by Elinor Greenwood

6. “Out of the Box,” by Jemma Westing

7. “Apollo 8,” by Martin W. Sandler

8. “Voices from the Second World War.”

What will you read next?

– Jason


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