Happy Father’s Day #Reflection #Journey

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope all you dads out there are having a nice day today. I am having fun spending time with the kids. I am so thankful they are here and that I have this time with them.

I know that there are many other (divorced) dads who don’t have the same situation as I do, and I really feel for you. It would be so hard for me if my kids lived somewhere else or I didnt get to see them as regularly as I see them.

I was scrolling through pictures with my kids this morning reflections on the years when they were very little. We looked at pictures in the hospital at their birth and times days after coming home from the hospital and it was so special.

I am so glad that I made it a top priority even when I was married to be a very involved dad. I did half of the homeschooling we did with our oldest daughter, I would make dinners most nights, and was always involved in bedtime routine for all three kids.

Later, when I received 50-50 joint custody with my ex-wife caring for my kids was a seamless transition. At least the parenting portion was.

I would encourage all dads in the discovery I have made as a father. Your kids are the gift. They are the best parts of being a father. They are a gift that the more you invest in, the greater the rewards are. The years are short and the days are long. Cherish the time you have with them before it’s time to let them go off on their own. The day is coming.

– Jason


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