Recyclebank – Get Rewarded for Saving the Environment #WorldEnvironmentDay #BeatAirPollution


Check out Recyclebank, a website that rewards members for recycling and taking other pledges to save the environment. This is a great way to make a difference on World Environment Day. Keep in mind too, that everything you learn on the site, you can share with others around you, or better yet share the site with them.

I highlight this site because I have been a member for several years now and I have earned some cool prizes like magazine subscriptions, coupons to my favorite restaurants, even gift cards for both educating myself on ways to recycle and taking steps to reduce my environmental impact on the world around me, and by making pledges to incorporate commonsense changes that really make a difference.

What I like about the site is all of the educational materials that help you see what you are doing and why making a change can make such an impact.

The site has fun quizzes, infographics, and other materials to educate people about their choices. After completing a slideshow, answering some questions or viewing an article, you are rewarded with points to redeem for prizes.

Here’s an example of a Daily Pledge that I love and as a writer with lots of notebooks lying around, this is a great way to make a difference:


Another cool post about DIY swaps for disposable items made from reused or recycled materials or are biodegradable (unlike their counterparts from the store) can be found here.

What’s cool about a lot of these “hacks” and recommendations is that they can also in most cases save you some money. Who doesn’t want some more green in their pockets by being more green?!

I’m not getting anything out of endorsing this site, I just like all the content they provide and I like getting rewarded for browsing.

– Jason


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