The Hardest Working Appliance in the Kitchen #Art #Drawing

Artwork by Jason A. Muckley © 2019

The French Press, simplicity at its greatest. Get your mug of coffee in four minutes flat with a few scoops of your favorite freshly ground beans and steaming hot water straight out of the kettle.

This is the latest sketch I made of one of my favorite kitchen “appliances.” My second favorite right now is my Instant Pot.

What do you think? What’s your favorite way to get your cup of morning joe?

Share below in the comments.

– Jason



  1. My coffee making graduated to a K-cup machine a few years ago. While I use some of the cups, i still enjoy using ground coffee in the machine. It tastes fresher and more genuine in its flavor.

    It is probably good that I make one cup at a time. A full pot might be too tempting to drain.

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