An Accounting #Poetry


Arizona day trip
Long conference table
Twenty pairs of eyes
Upper management, customers, colleagues
Expecting an accounting
What happened?
Hundreds of thousands of dollars
Executed contracts
Pending contracts
It was my moment of accounting
I fell on my sword
I took full responsibility
No excuses
No blaming
I had broken trust
My voice didn’t falter
I hadn’t sugar-coated anything
Next time would be different
New expectations set
It was exhilarating
Glasses clinked in restored faith
Victory in truth
Elated I stroll through baggage claim
Faces welcoming weary travelers
No faces search for mine
There was no one to celebrate with
A job well done
All in a day’s work
A handshake
Crisis averted
Back in the office tomorrow

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley



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