Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow #AlbertEinstein #Inspiration


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” -Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein had one of the most brilliant minds of anyone who ever lived. A main part of his “genius” was his willingness to ask questions. He was always asking questions and never depriving his curiosity.

This quote is a mantra he believed in and lived out everyday.

Here is my take on what this quote means to me:

This life offers some thrilling teaching moments, as well as some of the hardest lessons you will ever learn. Never assume you are done learning and that there is nothing more that the past has yet to teach you. I am still learning from experiences I had when I was four years old. That was more than 30 years ago!

Live in the moment. You only have one life to live. Don’t get stuck living for someone else or living out someone else’s story. You have a story to write. You have a life to live. Go out and live it.

That doesn’t mean you leave your family and friends behind and isolate yourself. Go and live your life with the ones you love. But don’t get dragged down by expectations of others around you. Quit comparing your life to others on facebook and instagram. Stop living vicariously through their “picture perfect” lives and go make a mark in your life. Go out and take risks, lay it all on the line, live passionately for what you love and believe in. Carpe diem!

Believe in tomorrow. Choose optimism over pessimism. See things through the lens of overcoming when you face adversity. Believe in God that He has your back when things look dire. Believe that tomorrow will be better if today and yesterday were a struggle.

Never stop questioning. Don’t settle for the status quo. Just because our current understanding of things describes things one way, doesn’t mean that our understanding is correct. Keep learning. Keep growing. Don’t be satisfied.

Living this way is courageous. Living this way will bring new challenges and require you to grow. Why do we assume that we stop growing when we come into adulthood. Just because we stop growing physically does not mean there is no more room to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, vocationally, and probably in many other areas.

Take these words to heart and keep living this life until it is completely through.

– Jason


  1. Great post and quote! Having lived twice as long as you, I now see that “questioning” is also perfectly permissible in our faith-walk–God isn’t bothered by questions, they don’t equal doubt or faithlessness to Him. I think He just enjoys all of our conversations with Him, even the questions 🙂


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