God Wants to Fill Me with Joy #Goodness #GoodFather

God wants to fill me with Joy. First, I must lay down areas I am holding onto and places I am afraid. I need to release areas where I have believed that God has not been faithful or has not been good to me.

Thank you everyone who has encouraged me and blessed me with their stories and their journey through their own situations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Jason


  1. Good good father, indeed! Today’s message at church was about how Jesus wants us to invite Him into our place of pain, “the stench behind the stone” where Lazarus was…where his sisters were so disappointed and grieved that Jesus was “late” in responding to their call to save him. One of those messages that pierced me to the marrow–wept through entirety. I want Him to heal my pain…I’m unclear how to move the stone aside, though, as He instructed those at Lazarus’ tomb. Sometimes faith feels very complicated, the partnership we have with God….I’d like Him to just “bam!” do it, already! πŸ™‚ Have a blessed week, Jason πŸ™‚

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