Tabby the Cat #Art #Painting

Tabby the Cat
Tabby the Cat / Artwork by Jason A. Muckley © 2019

I painted this last night as my first painting from a new painting class I am taking online. The class is on Creativebug, a community of top designers and artists who have created video classes teaching drawing, painting, crafting, jewelry-making, and all kinds of other creative endeavors.

Through my public library, I have access to the site free of charge with my library card. The first class I took was a daily challenge class on painting animals. The instructor, Jennifer Orkin Lewis teaches painting using gouache, a type of opaque watercolor.

She has a considerable following on Instagram @augustwren and she advocates that painters should paint everyday to help grow their skill.

One reason I wanted to try this class was so that I could try a new medium, gouache, and so I could improve my sketching and painting to create art that resembles what I am trying to paint. I feel confident creating abstract art using different types of patterns and lines and dots, but I want to also learn to paint things that are true to life, like Tabby here.

What do you think?

– Jason


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