Leadership is a Stewardship #AndyStanley #Inspiration


“Leadership is a Stewardship. It is temporary, and you’re accountable.”
-Andy Stanley

I love this quote by Andy Stanley. You can’t assume that you will always be in leadership. That doesn’t mean that you are not a leader even if you don’t have a fancy title. When you are in that position, however, you need to understand your responsibility as a leader.

You need to be accountable to yourself and those around you as a leader. If you make a mistake, own it, learn from it and move forward. You can’t make excuses or push it off on someone else. Doing that only undermines trust with the people you lead. If your subordinates can’t trust you, don’t expect them to stick around long or to give it their best.

Ownership and accountability for a leader is one of their greatest tools that can spur teams to grow and thrive more than any other tool.

– Jason


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  1. Jason, I like the idea of leadership being an example of stewardship. Leadership opportunities can offer ways to grow as an individual. While these times are indeed temporary, it is wise to remain humble while serving in a position of leadership.

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