You Just Need To Be Enough For You #CourtneyPeppernell #Poetry #PillowThoughts

You can make all the effort in the world

and yet someone will still tell you it’s not good enough.

But this isn’t about them; it’s about you.

You just need to be good enough for you.

It’s okay to close some doors; hell, it’s even okay to lock them.

– Courtney Peppernell, “Pillow Thoughts”

I love this excerpt of poetry from Courtney Peppernell in “Pillow Thoughts.”

I am enough. Tell that to yourself today. Tell that to yourself everyday until you believe it in your heart and it affects the way you live.

I am enough.

We’re all doing the best we can. We can’t use that as an excuse to stop growing, but we also need to take an honest look at ourselves and be reminded of this fact. Doing our best doesn’t mean we’re perfect but it does mean that we are enough.

I am enough.

– Jason

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  1. “This isn’t about them”? If “them” is paying your salary, it IS about them (in an economic sense) because your employer is paying for the results (s)he requires — not paying for “all the effort in the world” (even if your employer’s requirements are unreasonable).

    So, though I agree with this post’s premise in theory, the ‘real world’ often doesn’t accommodate the way things work in a ‘perfect world’ that doesn’t exist. “Doing our best” only works if we’re prepared to temper our idealism with realism (and vice versa).

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  2. It all comes down to pleasing ourselves…loving ourselves and accepting that doing our best is always enough. The only one we should ever be in competition with is our-self so we continue to grow, not to prove anything to anyone but for continued self-approval. Interestingly, if we develop the confidence that we are enough, others will begin to think so as well.

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