Uncharted Lands #Poetry #FridayFotoFun

The endless ocean
A docile friend
Beckoning me for a sail

Waves gently guide
My weary vessel
To uncharted lands

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley

Being in warm ocean waters is one of my favorite places to be. I grew up in Florida, an isthmus surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Gulf of Mexico to the West. I loved days with both body surfing in crashing waves and calm days on the gulf, where the water is like glass. It is definitely a happy place of mine.

Calmkate posted on her blog, Aroused by Arête a challenge to share a photo or words about the ocean or an ocean view.

The photo is from pxhere.com



      • Oh my goodness! Don’t go swimming, then! 😂Actually, I’m a little jealous, now. I’ve never seen snow in real life before. The part of me that forgets about the cold thinks it must be just a little bit like wonderland. 🙂

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      • Really? Hmm.. how to describe it… It’s like really finely crushed ice. It’s almost like salt or sugar that’s tasteless and cold. At certain times in the middle of the night or on a day that just becomes completely overcast because of the snow, it does become like a wonderland. It’s something you look forward to as the Summer and Fall drag on, and about now, you are counting the days until some warmth returns. It’s about 7 °F (-14 °C) here right now.

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      • That’s amazing! I don’t think anyone’s either described the snow to me before. 🙂 It sounds so cool! (Lol-literally) My Mum lives in Iowa and she said it got down to negative about a million bit two long ago, so I’m kind of grateful to have never seen it at times. 😂

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      • Yeah, it can definitely get really cold sometimes. Thankfully around here it doesn’t stay too cold for that long. The morning after a good snow is magical. The trees glimmer, the snow on the grass sparkles, the mountains covered in snow is like a completely new place. It’s lovely 😀

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      • Expounding on the snow description: it is light like a feather, it sticks to itself but not to you. You can shape it into things like balls and build walls with it and when you step in it depresses almost all the way to the ground depending on how thick it is

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      • That’s so super cool! I’ve seen all that in movies, but it’s a little different when you get to actually be a part of all that, I suppose. It does snow in Australia, just not where I live. I’ll get up there one day, I’m sure. One day. 😂

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      • Yes, you must. It is a very cool experience… especially the first time you experience it. I grew up in Florida and didn’t see snow until we took a family vacation to visit our cousins in Michigan. It was very cool (LOL)!

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