Jupiter #VanGogh #Gogyohka #Poetry

Jupiter / © Kevin M. Gill (NASA)

Starry night
Gaseous world
Millions of miles from home
Dreams swirl
In the eternal tempest

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley

I would call myself a “self-proclaimed” astronomy admirer. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and I have taken some advanced physics and math classes in my lifetime. I love to see the beautiful images taken from telescopes, satellites, and other advanced imaging equipment that give us a deeper look into our solar system and the billions of worlds beyond our own.

Geek.com recently posted this image that Kevin M. Gill, a citizen scientist did some image processing on to generate this amazing picture:

NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently captured a new photo of Jupiter and it looks like one of Vincent van Gogh’s swirly masterpieces.

The color-enhanced picture, which was taken at 12:20 p.m. EST on Feb. 12, shows swirling clouds circling “Jet N6,” a jet stream region on the gas giant planet. According to NASA, the spacecraft was performing its 18th close flyby of Jupiter and it was approximately 8,000 miles from the planet’s cloud tops.

Read the full article by Genevieve Scarano on Geek.com



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