Be. Not. Afraid. #BobGoff #EverybodyAlways #Inspiration

Be Not Afraid
“Be Not Afraid” Painting by Greg Olsen

“What if we weren’t afraid anymore? God has spoken three words more often than any others when the people He loved were scared and confused, lost or lonely, paralyzed or stuck. In those times, He usually didn’t make a big speech. He just said to His people, Be. Not. Afraid.” -Bob Goff, Everybody Always

This is so profound and yet so simple. Over and over God spoke “Do not be afraid,” to His people throughout the Bible when they faced some of the hardest times in their lives. This is true for us today. When I was facing divorce papers and all of the terrifying things that go along with that reality, I was scared.

God spoke simply to me, “Be not afraid, son.”

I want to encourage you as well. Reading these words again in Everybody Always, by Bob Goff, it is a wonderful reminder. Turn to Jesus and do not be afraid. God is right there and He can provide. He is able to work things out in your life that are impossible. My divorce has been the hardest thing I have ever been through. But I know God is right there with me. I know He is working things out in the background for me and my family. It is so reassuring to know that He is with me and He is for me.

– Jason


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