The Greatest Tragedy #CourtneyPeppernell #Inspiration

“Of all the tragedies on the earth, there is none more tragic than a person who cannot see their worth.” – Courtney Peppernell, Pillow Thoughts

This is so true. Even when things are tough and life is hard, never forget your worth. You were created in God’s image. You have real value. Don’t let your failures and mistakes determine your worth. Don’t let a failed relationship or someone else’s opinion of who you are determine how you see yourself. Know that you matter, your life has infinite value, your very existence has an effect on those around you.

– Jason


      • Well, I’m happy to know I can help in whatever small way. I enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing them. I’ve been reading through your ebook as well. It’s nice to find fellow writers who can relate to the journey.

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      • That’s how I feel about my first novel. It was such a big hurdle finally getting it out there last summer. Now I’m working on the second one and it’s such a different journey because of what I learned from the first one.

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      • That gives me a lot of hope… when I first self-published “Poems for Warriors” it was like this big “project” that loomed over me. It had a bunch of fear surrounding it and I felt like I had no idea where to start. After publishing it I feel much more confident for my next one… I have to work on whittling down to what I want to put in it and some editing but that doesn’t seem like too big of a deal.

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