The Unknown #Poetry

My future is cloaked in a black curtain
The unknown looms heavy over me
Weight bearing down on my back
You guide me to the edge of it
I touch it-a heavy black velvet sheet
No light shines past the barrier
In an instant you begin pulling on the cord
Light rushes in-I cover my eyes
Slowly I pull down my hand over my face
I am awestruck
The brilliant light shines over all I see
Endless green grass sprouts up everywhere
Trees and bushes scattered about
A rushing river surges through the meadow
Open pasture sprawls as far as I can see
Wildflowers dot the open space
The lovely fields an emerald green
Punctuated with yellows, purples, reds
The unknown is alive-welcoming me
There is so much to come, to look forward to
Exploring this new land will take my entire life
Times of reflection by the stream
Days spent hiking making new discoveries
Afternoons laying on the soft meadow floor
Listening to the birds singing their sweet songs
The unknown is a lush paradise waiting for me

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley


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