Partners in Parenting #Poetry


The love is gone
The marriage is over
However, we are partners in parenting
For the rest of their lives

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley

This is a response to the prompt “partner” from Patricia’s Place.


  1. The most important thing to remember is that your role as dad is equally as important as your ex-wife’s role as mother. Too often, men get discouraged and pushed aside. You are a hero in your kids’ eyes. Keep them close and let them know each day you love them. Build a bridge between your ex-wife and yourself. You will always be connected. There will be graduations, weddings, and births of grandchildren. You were in love once; that love has just changed to another phase in your lives. I wish you much happiness as you move to this new phase in your life. Hang in there and God’s blessings!

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    • Thanks for your encouragement. I’m not going anywhere in my kid’s life. I will still be the same dad I was. Involved, affectionate, conscientious of their needs. God has us all even though things are different now.


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