Five Things That Have No Place in Unconditional Love #Reblog Nerdome

This is so insightful! I am so happy I found this post. Check it out, check out Nerdome’s blog and share what you found most insightful in the comments below 😀


Yet We Insist on Doing Them Over and Over Again.

Love hurts everyone — whether you believe that love is something you get or something you give.

What differs is why we get hurt.

People who want love get hurt because they feel they didn’t get enough. People who give love get hurt because they feel their love doesn’t get appreciated.

I’ve been lucky to receive love. But none of it lasted for long. My experiences led to a post on why I’m not the guy a woman should date. The response from a friend was, “Ha! So this is why men run when we give them unconditional love.”

And that got me thinking: why do people run from unconditional love?

The thing is, I’ve also given unconditional love. I’m the kind the kind of person who believes love is something we do. In return, I’ve been hurt deeply. I’ve been pushed…

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