Come To Me #Bethel #LoftSessions

This is an oldie but a goodie. It remains a source of deep truth in my life. When things seems to be falling apart all around me, I can turn to God and He meets me, as I am, as a close friend, comforting me, leading me.

This has been a tough season for me. It is uncharted territory filled with a lot of pain and grieving where I find myself frequently feeling completely out of whack and out of place.

It is a disorienting and disheartening place to be. God still speaks calmly and gently to me to trust Him. He tells me that He is in control of things and He cares for me and my heart.

It takes immense faith to follow Him in that. To trust He is in control and I need only follow Him and listen to His leading in one of the most painful and complex situation I have ever faced.

I am taking it day by day, turning to Him, trusting Him as best I can.




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