Comparison kills Creativity and Joy #Inspiration #BreneBrown

“Stay in your own lane. Comparison kills creativity and joy.” – Brené Brown

Another great “simple but true” nugget from Brené Brown’s book, Rising Strong.

This is a good reminder for all the perfectionists out there, who find their worth in their work and the opinions of others. Remember to celebrate other people’s work, not compare and “grade” yours against theirs. Everyone is unique and has room to grow, learn, and improve.

Keep at it, and stay in your lane!

– Jason



  1. So often I compare myself to others and it almost becomes like, okay if I’m better than them, I’m winning. However that’s so not true and this definitely reminded me that no matter how much we want to succeed, not caring about what other people think and growing in your own ‘lane’ is the best choice we could ever make!
    Absolutely true and something to think about! 😊👍👏🏻

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