The most dangerous stories diminish our inherent worthiness #Inspiration #BreneBrown


The most dangerous stories we make up are the narratives that diminish our inherent worthiness. We must reclaim the truth about our lovability, divinity, and creativity. – Brené Brown (Rising Strong)

I love this quote!

When you are going through anything hard, a failure at work, a loss of love, any other kind of loss and you are in a place of pain and grieving, there is a voice in your head that will try to steal from you. It will try to steal your identity and your sense of self-worth. It will be only as successful as the power we give to that voice and how our we start to live in response to it.

When we can recognize what is being done to us, we can stop it. We can tell that voice an emphatic, “NO!” We can say, “That is not true. That is not my identity. I have worth and value. I may have made mistakes, but I am not defined by my past. Today is a new day. I choose to believe that I am worthy of love, that I am a child of God, and I have something to offer this world.”

I hope this encourages you today in all that you may be facing!

– Jason



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