#TheMeaningofLifein4Words #Twitter #Poetry

Take chances, enjoy experiences
Live, Love, Laugh, Repeat
Love others as yourself
Too precious to waste
Treating others with kindness
Loving with full heart
To find your purpose
Love on each other
Live with no regrets
You only live once #YOLO
Live long and prosper
Love and be loved
Nobody gets out alive
Birth, school, work, death
It’s now or never
The answer is 42.
This too shall pass
Have courage, be kind
Life is a gift
Love God, love others
Jesus died for you

© 2018 Jason A. Muckley

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This poem was generated from hundreds of Twitter users’ tweets on the hashtag: #TheMeaningofLifein4Words

If you had only four words to articulate the meaning of life, which would you use? Share with us in the comments below.



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