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Becoming-Michelle Obama

Wow! Just wow! This was an excellent book!

Former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming” was excellent! As a young African-American woman from Chicago’s South Side, daughter of a disabled father, she was taught to make her own decisions and own her choices. She was taught that she could do anything that she put her mind to. Her parents encouraged her in her every endeavor and when something seem “too expensive” like her education at Princeton University, she was told that she didn’t need to worry about that and it was their concern.

Her memoir takes readers into her career “swerves” from comfortable lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Chicago to taking a pay cut to reaching out to the underprivileged in her community to help them “re-imagine” their lives, steering them into life-altering careers to maximize their potential.

She goes through her struggles as a young wife to a dynamic “thinker,” and future president, Barack Obama, and her desires to be a mother and her struggles with infertility. She describes what it was like to be the wife of an ambitious state senator and then the constant pressure of having the national media scrutinizing your every move as the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

It was an amazing story that was both remarkable and inspiring. Being a few years removed from the Obama’s tenure in the presidency, gives you some proper perspective of the professional manner that they held themselves and also the many accomplishments they made during their 8-year run. This book was well worth my time and there were some important lessons learned to come back to in the years to come.

Get a copy of “Becoming” from Amazon here.



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