Harriet #MovieReview #Inspiration

Harriet Produced by Focus Features

I got prescreening passes to “Harriet” starring Cynthia Erivo, as Harriet Tubman, Leslie Odom Jr. and Janelle Monae. The film was directed by Kasi Lemmons.

The film’s strength is the heroic story of Harriet Tubman, runaway slave who traveled over 100 miles by foot on her own from Delaware across the Pennsylvania state line to freedom.

She finds friends in William Still (Odom) an abolitionist, who documents the stories of runaway slaves and Marie Buchanon (Monae), the owner of a boarding house for runaways who fled with just the clothes on their backs.

It is an inspirational story about Harriet’s courageous return trips to the South as a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, a network of “safe” houses who aide conductors and runaways on their harrowing journeys to freedom.

The movie’s weaker points is the soundtrack and some of visuals. It is a little disappointing that with such an amazing story the production team couldn’t create a better final version.

The film’s historical importance makes the film worth a watch alone. Strong acting performances by Erivo, Odom and Monae add to the experience.

The film opens Friday, November 1.

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